Cerebro User Account

Cerebro User Account is a control panel for Cerebro. Using Cerebro User Account you can look up your pricing plan (and change it if needed), bring up your history of recently purchased licenses (user amount and expiration date), buy additional licenses for required period and issue recurring payments.



Account in our User Account system is created automatically after registering a new universe. You will receive an e-mail on the address specified during the registration process which will contain a link for setting up your User Account password. After setting it up you may use this password along with your e-mail address to log in.


To log in to your User Account, follow this link, enter your e-mail address and password, press “Sign in” button. If you can’t recall your password - press “Forgot password?” button and enter your e-mail address you used while creating your universe. You will receive instructions on recovering your password. If you encounter any problems with signing in to User Account, or if you, for some reason, don’t have one, contact our technical support (“Technical Support Service”).


At the main page of your User Account you can see your pricing plan, amount of available licenses (for both desktop and e-mail users, more on e-mail users see “E-mail and Cerebro”).

A form for purchasing additional licenses is located below. You should input your desired total amount of licenses into “Required licenses” field. You should use “Till” field to specify end date for licenses you are planning to buy at the present moment.

For example, you have 15 licenses available for one year, and you are planning to buy 2 additional licenses for the duration of two months. For that you need to input “17” into “Required licenses” field and in “Till” field you should input date two months forward from current date.


Since while buying licenses you are specifying the amount you will be having on a specified date, be attentive, because your licenses that expire before ones you are going to buy will be extended to the date you specified.

Example: You currently have 15 licenses which will expire in 4 months, and you are planning to buy 2 additional licenses for 12 months. If you enter “17” in Required Licenses field, you will be credited for 2 licenses for a year and for your existing licenses which will be extended for (12 - 4) = 8 months.

Payment methods

In “Payment method” field you should choose your preferable payment method - either by card or by issuing an invoice, which will be sent on your e-mail address.

If you chose to pay with card you can choose either one-time payment in advance, or a recurring payment which will automatically prolong your licenses at 1, 3, 6 or 12 month intervals. If you need to cancel recurring payments, you can do it in this window. After cancelling your subscription automatic charges for license payment will stop.


If you want to set up a recurring payment, you should make sure that you entered a desired amount of licenses which will be bought with specified interval.

In “Coupon” field you can enter a coupon code, if you have one, to get a discount which will be specified in “Discount” field.

The “Calculated amount” field will show you total amount without any discounts, and “Required payment” will show you the sum that will be charged from you.

A Stripe payment system is used to safely process your payment. We don’t store information about your credit card.

If you chose to pay by invoice, you should specify your payment details and contact information for a person who is responsible for handling invoices (usually an accountant).

If you are eligible for a special offer, your total required amount may be even lower, the exact sum will be stated in your invoice.

Also, if you pay by requesting an invoice, you immediately get temporary licenses for 2 weeks right after issuing an invoice, so you would be able to work before your accountant issues a payment.

Below license purchasing form you can see a list of your active licenses with amount of users and expiration date specified.

Pricing plans

“Pricing plan” tab allows you to switch your pricing plan for the one that suits you the most. The tab shows relevant information about Cerebro license costs for different pricing plans. To change it, press the button under corresponding pricing plan.

“Home” pricing plan

Home is a basic pricing plan which is suitable for small companies. Maximum user amount is limited to 5. Your files and database will be stored on our servers, limit for your files is 15 Gigabytes.

“Studio” pricing plan

Studio is a pricing plan for big companies that do not require or aren’t willing to have their own server. Your database will still be stored on our servers, but you would be able to organize your local file storage for quick access to your files. There’s no limit on user amount. You will also be eligible for free installation, support and update services.

“Factory” pricing plan

Factory is a pricing plan for companies that are willing to store all their information on a server within their local area network. In this case Cerebro will fully work inside your LAN without any need for broadband internet connection (You can set up access from outside of your LAN pretty easily if that’s desired). You will also be eligible for free installation, support and update services.


“History” tab allows you to view recent operations in your User Account, such as switching your pricing plans or buying new licenses. You can use a filter to set a required period you need information for. If you press “Excel” button, you will export your recent operations to a spreadsheet.


This tab shows information about your account, such as your company name, your account name, your phone number and your default payment details.

You can also use this tab to add users to your User Account. To add them, press “Add” button, input their full name and their e-mail address. They will receive an e-mail with a link to generate a password for their account. To remove a user, simply click “Delete” at the corresponding row.

You can also change your password in this tab, if it is required.

If you need to log out from your User Account, press “Logout” button. You will be returned to Log In page.