2. Functional components

2.1. Cerebro (client module)

Cerebro client module provides a user interface to perform most of the tasks related to the management of projects, users, universes, etc. When the user runs the program and authorizes in the system, he is greeted by main Cerebro window.


IThis window has tools to navigate task trees, view and write messages in the forum and to search for specific information.

Using main and context menus in Cerebro you can launch additional utilities to, for example, view media files, make an audio-visual review, browse and manage download/upload lists, handle administrative duties in your universe, gather and display statistics and more.

The main window is arranged using docking windows technology, making it easy to customize the look, the position of floating areas (dock widgets) as you see fit. All floating areas that can be shown/hidden in the main window, are presented in the main menu View.

More information on Cerebro client module can be found in the section “Cerebro client module”.

2.2. Cargador

Cargador is a service responsible for delivery of files in the Cerebro system.

All information on tasks, messages, links, etc. is stored in a centralized database, and project files are stored in a decentralized way and can be downloaded as needed from outside sources.

These sources can be your local network if you’re out of the office, your partners’ LAN, if you are working on the same project, etc.

Cargador handles all operations with files in Cerebro.


Server with installed Cargador on it gives you following benefits:

  • No restrictions on storage space in Cerebro.
  • All of your files are within your local network, local users work with a single file storage. You save space, time and traffic.
  • Service provides a single place to download/upload files that can be managed centrally.
  • You can configure Cargador service to automatically (e.g. at night), download new files from the storage of your partners if needed.
  • The process of downloading/uploading files from your storage by external users is completely transparent.

All these tasks are done by having Cargador work 24/7 on a server. If you can’t (or aren’t planning to) set up a 24/7 service which will run on your server, you can solve storage problems an “old-fashioned” way by using storage services provided by Cerebro. Despite the fact that you won’t be able to use aforementioned advantages, we take the responsibilities to maintain our service 24/7 and back up your data.

More information on Cargador service can be found in the “Cargador Service

2.3. Mirada

The Mirada utility is designed to view a large quantity of media formats, and allow to create reviews for mediafiles stored in Cerebro. Mirada also supports Cineon formats ®, DPX, EXR, RAW, QuickTime ® movie and a lot of graphic image formats.


To view the file just double click on an icon attached to a forum message, after it opens you can make notes using drawing / text typing tools, record your actions and voice comments to make a detailed review of this current piece of work. When you close Mirada, the review is automatically sent to the Cerebro system.

Mirada utilises OpenGL graphic library, which makes it easy to view high-resolution graphics (up to 16K). Images with deep color depth of colour are also supported, you can use color correction tools.

For more information on the Mirada utility refer to “Mirada Utility”.