8. Notifications system

The notifications system lets you precisely configure all notifications about changes in assigned projects or tasks.

Notification configuration can be performedd on several levels:

  • Globally for the entire universe
  • For specified projects in the universe
  • Locally for each user

You can configure default notification options on the “Universe” tab in the Administrator Panel. These settings will be global, and will be applied to all projects and users in the universe, without special settings configured for them.

If some projects should require different notification settings, you will be able to reassign them on the “Projects” tab in the Administrator Panel. Notification settings for projects have higher priority than global universal settings.

In turn, if any user should require special notification settings, these can be reassigned in his/her profile (Main menu - My profile - Notification settings). User notification settings have the highest priority - higher than universal or project-specific notification settings.


Notifications will only be sent for those tasks that a user has subscriptions for.

On each level you can configure notifications to be sent to the application or to the e-mail for users of different role types:

  • Supervisor (manager, line manager)
  • Designer (task performer)
  • Customer

8.1. Notification types

Notification type Commentaries Additional options
New messages Notifications about newly posted messages  
Assigned tasks Notifications about tasks user was assigned to  
Withdrawn tasks Notifications about tasks user was unassigned from  
Upcoming tasks Notifications on upcoming tasks Additional settings on preemptive notification (at the start, in 10 min., in 30 min., in 2 hours, 6 hours, in a day, 3 days, and in a week)
Expired tasks Notifications on expired tasks Additional settings on notification after expiration (at the point of expiration, in 10 min., in 30 min., in 2 hours, 6 hours, in a day, 3 days, and in a week)
New tasks Notifications on new tasks  
Status change notifications
Your status list List of statuses used in your universe, and notification settings for each of them  

8.2. Toggling the notifications

Notifications may have several statuses:
  • Default
  • On
  • Off

Default - Notifications will be sent as they are configured in the universe (or in the project, if applicable)

On - Notifications will be sent upon event trigger (or in specified interval for upcoming or expired tasks)

Off - Notifications will not be sent.

To configure notifications, press on the intersection of notification type (application or e-mail) and an event it should be triggered for (ex. task assignments).

8.3. Notable features

Some notification types have additional settings - notably, all e-mail notifications, and upcoming and expired task notifications.

E-mail notifications have additional settings for scheduled notification delivery (for example, all notifications delivered once a day, or every 6 hours) and a starting point for notification delivery (for example, 12 p.m.).

Upcoming or expired notifications have additional settings for delivery delays (for example, in an hour prior to start of a task, or a day after another task expires), and repetition, if needed.