10. Cerebro Web-version installation


The “Cerebro Web-version installation” section contains information, that you will require only if you are using Cerebro on your local server (see “Local (On-premises) Deployment”).

In order to install Cerebro Web Client on the client’s server you should do the following:

  • install and configure Web-server with php5 support;
  • deploy Cerebro Web client files and configure access rights;
  • configure Cerebro Web Client.

10.1. Web-server installation

It is recommended to use Apache Http Server as a Web-server. The server itself is available on the product web page: http://httpd.apache.org/

Documentation for installation and configuration: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/

As for Unix/Linux operating systems, the installation is available from the repositories. Server should be configured to use utf-8 encoding in its output.

PHP interpretator and documentation for installation and customization are avalable at: http://php.net/

Reccomended version is PHP 5.2.x. It is necessary to disable display of error messages in the browser inside your php.ini configuration file.

To check for correct web-server configuration it is recommended to place a test.php file with the following content into the web server directory:


Next, in your browser type: http://example.com/test.php , replacing “example.com” with your domain, which will hold Cerebro Web Client. If you seea PHP information page this means that Web server was configured correctly.

10.2. Deployment of Cerebro Web Client

In order to deploy Cerebro Web Client you should copy the files from the Cerebro Web Client distribution pack to the root directory of your Web-server, and configure file permissions (files must be readable).

10.3. Cerebro Web Client Configuration

In the script/config.js file you need to configure following parameters:

  • CEREBRO_URL – URL, on which Cerebro Web client is installed;
  • CARGADOR_URL – URL for Cargador.

It is strictly necessary to specify URLs without ending slash symbols.

In the lib/config.php file you should specify following parameters:

  • DB_HOST – database server adress;
  • DB_PORT – database server port;
  • DB_NAME – database name;
  • DB_SERVICE_LOGIN – proxy user login which will be used to access the database;
  • DB_SERVICE_PASSWORD – password of the proxy user;
  • DB_PASSRECOVERY_LOGIN – user login for password recovery;
  • DB_PASSRECOVERY_PASSWORD – user password for password recovery;
  • ADMIN_EMAIL – administratior’s email

10.4. Features and restrictions of Cerebro Web Client

For normal functioning of Cerebro Web Client you must enable Javascript and cookies support in your browser.

During the work, Cerebro Web Client will use HTML5 elements, particularly the Web Storage. The HTML5 browser support information is available here:: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_layout_engines_(HTML_5)

Web Storage is used to store user interface settings. If a Web Storage is not supported in the browser, the interface configuration are saved in cookies.

We recommend the following browsers for work with Cerebro Web Client:

  • Google Chrome version 4.x and higher;
  • Apple Safari version 4.x and higher;
  • Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 and higher;
  • Opera version 10.50 and higher;
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher.

When using other browsers, as well as the older versions of mentioned browsers, the proper work of Cerebro is not guaranteed (however, this does not mean that Cerebro won’t work on them).