4. Cerebro client module update

There are two possible ways of storing Cerebro client executable files: on individual workstations or centrally, on a file server. The first method is suitable for machines that do not have access to the corporate LAN (home computers, laptops), and the second is best when you want to launch a Cerebro client module directly from the file server without replicating it on all workstations in your network.

4.1. Update on a workstation

There are two ways to update the Cerebro client module on the computer: either download the distribution from the site https://cerebrohq.com or use the built-in update system (it is necessary to log in to your account in Cerebro).

4.1.1. Distribution from the website

Select distribution according to your operating system and download installer or archive from the website: https://cerebrohq.com/ru/download ( client module is available for Mac OS/Windows/Linux).

Run the installation file and follow the wizard’s instructions, or unpack the archive replacing all files into Cerebro working directory.


Before updating client files, make sure that Cerebro client is not running on your computer (even minimized in system tray).

4.1.2. Built-in update system

Launch Cerebro client module and activate Cerebro/Help/Check for updates… menu item. If there is a newer version of Cerebro you will be prompted to download the package using standard tools (through the Cargador service).


By default, Cerebro client module automatically checks for updates on start and during operation.

After downloading the installer you will be prompted to run it (note, that running Cerebro client will be shut down). Follow the installation wizard to complete the update process.

4.2. Update on the file server

Server Cerebro client installation will save you from having to update each workstation in your LAN.

In this case, update consists of replacing executable files in Cerebro public directory. To do this, you should download cerebro-all-in-one.zip archive from the “Download” section at https://cerebrohq.com. Unpack it replacing files into Cerebro client directory.


Before replacing the Cerebro executable files in a shared folder, make sure that the program is not running on workstations in your local network. Otherwise, the system might be unable to rewrite existing Cerebro executable files.