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Registration – Try Cerebro for Schools

Boost your education productivity today


Distance education is ineffective if there is a lack of interaction. Cerebro provides an easy online commenting and file sharing system, helping students to achieve their big goals and teachers to succeed. Participants can get access to the materials, track progress, evaluate results, upload files and watch peers’ activity at any time from anywhere. They can also check recorded sessions, get feedback from supportive learning community and much more. For students it is an amazing opportunity to expand their understanding at flexible hours. For schools it means to educate more people remotely.

*This is a special offer for schools only. To find more about our prices, please visit our pricing page.


Cerebro is specially designed for schools and colleges that train professionals for the Media and Entertainment industry.

Let’ consider some statistics: Nearly 30% of time is saved for even better productivity. Teachers spend less time by organizing a more effective workflow.

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Tired of writing? Use unique voice over commenting system, for images and video. Record an audio-comment with mouse cursor movement, zoom in and out, timeline shifting.


Attach files of ANY size or whole directories (on the fly archive) to your messages simply by “drag and drop”.  They instantly become visible to other users. Cerebro provides built-in file storage and transfer system. It allows to quickly add materials to your project or set a task: all you need to do is drag and drop the necessary video/image/file to the program window. You will also be able to clone task branches or import a list of tasks from XLS.


If you wish to deliver your comments and get feedback immediately, if you need to discuss the material with your students, you can start an online session in Mirada. Up to 10 workstations can be connected to a single session. Your counterparts will see how you draw, move your mouse, shift the timeline and zoom / pan the picture or video.


Get e-mail notifications on any changes in any tasks you follow or do. Generate reports and export them to Excel or PDF. Search and filter tasks by a variety of tags and parameters.


Mark selected posts and make them visible to your students to involve them into a conversation and get their instant first-hand feedback – no need to copy-paste or forward anything by e-mail. All the rest of the thread is for your trusted peers’ eyes only.


We love when our users create their own different approaches to education. Some schools even ask students to work on a small project and learn the whole process of its implementation by imitating a real workflow. Explore a variety of approaches and find a perfect fit for your school by visiting our case study

We learned about Cerebro when we decided to switch to remote education. It already had been used in the industry for some time and there was nothing else like it, so it worked well for our Computer Graphics Program

Case Study: Render.ru Education Center

As soon as our cinema post-production faculties were opened, we understood at once, that we need Cerebro. Because, first, all the major Russian studios were using this software, plus our teachers were using this software as participants of the CG industry.

Case Study: Scream School

Price that suits you.

  • Class Plan

  • $49month
  • - 20 user accounts - price for all users!
    - 150 GB secure online storage
    - Built-in Mirada (playback & reviewing tool)
    - Online user support
Best price
  • Class + Plan

  • $129month
  • Includes everything in Class Plane, plus:
    - 50 users - price for all users!
    - 500 GB secure online storage

We always try to follow the latest trends. Whatever your educational goals are there’s a tailored solution for you. Your students will love it!

*We grant the software to schools for non-commercial use only – for educational, organizational and methodological purposes.

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