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We interviewed 1-2-3 VFX general producer Ilya Shutov. Ilya took part in the creation of many sensational films and TV series — ‘To the Lake’, ‘The Blackout’, ‘Cybervillage’.


In our interview, Andrew Amelin, RT’s head of the 3D graphics and special effects department, shares his story about using Cerebro.


How to start an animation company with a unique production pipeline with higher productivity and more opportunities for creativity? Sergey Demchev, CEO Magic Factory, shares his experience.


In the interview with INTER TV’s Art Director, Alexander Serbin, you will find out how Cerebro can help keep track of projects and simplify remote work on long run projects.


We had an exciting conversation with Ilya Ostrikov, the art director of the REN TV channel, and prepared the big interview with him for your eyes.


We interviewed the Main Road Post. The team shared their experience working on large and small projects, the introduction of agile and scrum in the production process. We discussed the creation of graphics, labour immigration, the future of the industry, and more.


A big interview with ALGOUS studio! CEO Alexei Gusev talks about Russian cinema, the film “T-34”, and off-screen difficulties of production and post-production.


Cerebro continues publishing interviews with customers. We talk with producers, project managers, and other industry professionals. We have talked to the executive producer Elena Degtyareva about her work in the animation company, hiring practices and experience with projects management systems.


我们有了 Cerebro 客户的精彩新故事。这一次,我们采访的是俄罗斯电影集团公司的电影制片人、导演阿列克谢·彼得鲁欣以及 VFX 制片人玛丽亚·扎伊科芙斯卡娅,谈论了《魔鬼的精神》(Viy) 续集的发布,他们在中国制作影片的经历,以及将来的计划。


Cerebro continues publishing interviews with customers. We talk with producers, project managers, and other industry professionals. Our new interview features RC Kamalakannan from 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' VFX Team. —How did you get into industry and what were you doing before that? — I have been engaged in computer graphics since 1989. Earlier, I was doing [...]

Case Study: Education Center

We continue the tradition and today we will talks with Tatiana Toropova, head of the RENDER.RU Center of Distance Learning   — Tatiana, could you tell us about the training center? For example, about its history and when it was established? — Most of Runet computer graphics enthusiasts have long known about our site […]

Case Study – “Petersburg”

We are proud to present a new cycle of interviews on how Cerebro is used in companies. This month we interviewed  Elena Chugunova and Anastasia Pashenkova, project managers at “Petersburg” animation studio. Please tell us about the history of your company. The “Petersburg” studio was created in March 2003. Our studio is the only one […]

Case Study: Scream School

«We are no different from any real studio: the student who successfully passes our  test, is no different from the expert who is handling  over real work» Today Konstantin Kharitonov  talks with Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade, the director of Scream School, a computer graphics school and the Moscow film school. – Ekaterina, Please tell us in brief about […]

Case Study: Trigraph

Today Konstantin Kharitonov talks with the heads of Moscow VFX-studio Trigraph – Arkady Dubinyn (Supervisor) and Olga Nikulina (Producer). Let’s begin with a brief history of your company, what is your profile, what do you do? Arkady Dubinyn: The Trigraph company was created at the end of 2004, it was established by three co-founders: Vladimir Sokolov, Sergey Zaporozhcev […]

RA “Mandarin” – Case Study

This month, Konstantin Kharitonov talks to Dmitrii Filippov of Mandarin Ad Agency. Konstantin Kharitonov: Hi! Dmitrii Filippov: Hi to you too! (smiles). Is everything ok? Any trouble with the armed men? K.Kh.: No, not this time, everything is fine! But let’s be honest, things are pretty strict around here… Maybe a little too strict… D.F.: […]

“Smeshariki” get a 3D-volume with NVIDIA

Case Study – Advance Digital

This month we’re interviewing Yulia Kozhevnikova from the Advance Digital advertising agency. Please tell us a little about your company. We are one of the leading web-advertising companies in Russia; when you look at the advertising volume of our clients on the web, we are in the top three. In the past two years, we […]

Case Study – N3

This month we talk with Timofei Penkov production director of N3. Timofei, could you tell me a little bit about the history of your company? The company is more than 6 years old. At present, we are one of the leading post-production companies in Russia. We specialize in the production of graphic elements for TV […]

Case Study – Ulitka

This month we talk with Eugene Barulin director of “Ulitka Post”. Tell us a little bit about the history of your company, please.Ulitka started out as a small, low-profile company of three-four people, who did all kinds of not-so-large marketing projects. We emphasized our ‘boutique’-like quality (I hate that word, but it’s easier to explain […]

Case Study – Vedis

This month we talk with Alex Duk director of visualization departament company Vedis. Could you please tell me about the history of your company, about your department? We are a part of a large residential construction corporation in Moscow. Our particular department specializes in computer graphics, architectural visualization, and advertising for Vedice Corp. The major […]