2020.11.27 — Introducing Cerebro Web Update


We have significantly expanded the functionality of the web version and have added the Administration Panel.

The Administation Panel helps you manage users within your company, create new projects, as well as groups and activities.


In the Users tab, you can invite and delete your colleagues in the system.

By inviting new users to your company, you can immediately place them in the desired groups and assign a certain type of activity.

Here you can also define which groups will be visible to users.


Both users and tasks in your projects can have activities. This will allow you to quickly find a user for each task.

Filters in various user lists within the Cerebro system also include activities. In the search bar, you can find tasks by looking up an activity name.


In the Groups tab, you can add new groups and gather your colleagues in them.

Groups can be granted access rights to projects. They also can be filtered in various user lists within the Cerebro system.


In the Projects tab, you can create new projects, archive the completed projects, and set up general project properties.

Here you can also assign project access rights for various groups.

We hope that the new features will help you use the web version with ease 🙂 Here it is: https://apps.cerebrohq.com/