My Space on Web, Mirada Playlist, Bug Fixes

My Space on Web

My Space tab is now available in the web version of Cerebro.

Creating pages is not available yet; here’s what you can do at the moment:

— open pages saved for the Universe
— open personal pages
— open pages via a link
— share links to pages copied directly from the browser’s address bar
— create external chats (Telegram, Discord)
— change layout (list/cards) and displaying objects (tasks/messages/files)

Mirada Playlist

We have improved the playlist in Mirada. Now you can change the order of files.

Bug Fixes

— Error when moving and reordering tasks in big projects
No possibility to create top level tasks in the folder and panel modes of the navigator
No possibility to insert messages into the same task
No thumbnails when quickly closing the application right after uploading files
Create button blocked when creating activities in succession
Application crashes when a filter on the Gantt Chart is active
No possibility to restore deleted attachments. Deleted attachments can now be restored, but this does not guarantee that the file will be restored if it has already been deleted in the repository
No plugins shown in the list for installation after adding a new plugin in the Administrator window
No possibility to copy hashtags when copying tasks. Now, when the checkbox for copying tags and hashtags is checked, all task hashtags, as well as message and attachment hashtags, are copied
— Updating the lines of links among tasks in the Links panel