External Chats Settings for Integration with Messengers, Bug Fixes

External chats settings

For the integration with external chats—Telegram, Discord—we have added settings that enable more flexible use of the integration.

You can configure:

— The language for communicating with the bot;
Who shall provide access rights for chat updates;
The format of task links (whether to open them on a desktop or on the web);
The task’s message history as of the time the chat is created to be sent to the chat;
Which messages from the chat should be sent to Cerebro (whether to send all messages or just those sent using commands). This setting will make it possible for all users to communicate in the chat, regardless of whether or not they are connected to Cerebro.

We have added settings to automate reports sent from the chat using the /report command:

— Auto task status switching after such a report is written;
— Requirement to specify hours when sending a report from the chat.

Selected settings can be saved in order for them to be used by default when creating new chats. This is especially relevant to the Discord integration, because the chats are created not in Cerebro, but in the Discord app.

After creating a chat, you can change the settings in the chat edit box.


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