Tentaculo: Support for Git, Unreal Engine, Clarisse iFX


Git Support

Tentaculo now allows for smooth collaboration on projects that use git repositories.

It provides three different modes for working with repository files:

version (default): In this mode, versioning occurs at the file level. When a new version is published, a new file is created with the version number included in the name, which can be configured in the file_path section. For instance, a new version of the file photo_v01.jpg will become photo_v02.jpg. In this mode, the entire project is pulled into the local repository, and only new version files are sent upon publishing.

revision: The file version is determined by the Git revision, meaning work is conducted on the same file, updated using the “git commit” command. In this mode, the entire project is pulled into the local repository, and only the file being worked on is committed when published.

project_revision: Like in the revision mode, file versions are determined by the Git revision. The difference is that when publishing, all changes within the project are committed. This mode is needed for working with projects that involve changing many files simultaneously.

For more information, consult the documentation.

New Software Support


CLARISSE iFX support has been added.

Users can now take on Cerebro tasks in Clarisse iFX, read comments, send reports, and publish files.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine support has been added, allowing users to take on Cerebro tasks, read comments, and send reports.

Please note that Tentaculo does not manage files in Unreal Engine since projects are a set of files, and standard tools cannot provide true collaboration. However, if you have a clear collaboration pipeline, it can be implemented using processors. Contact Cerebro support, and our programmers will be happy to help you.

Task Locking

A lock_in_progress variable has been added to the configuration in the file_path section to regulate task locking when someone takes it to work on.

The lock_in_progress (default true) is a true/false value that determines whether to forbid work on a task when another user has already switched the status to ‘In Progress.’

ToDo List Filtering

Status and activity type filters are now saved separately for each software.


Message filtering in the task forum by message type has been added.


ARW image format is now supported.

We added Reload all files option to the main Media menu.

Reloading files allows you to pick up changes if open playlist files have been changed.

Bug Fixes

— Tentaculo: Issues with Blender version 3.3, Cinema4D 2023 and newer integration
— The issue with hotkeys in the Russian layout
— Endless loading in user adding window
— Incorrect sketch colors for CR2 format files
— Inaccurate color reproduction for some video file formats
— Video playback with unsupported audio codecs in Mirada
— Report display in the Plan
— My Space: Editing values in tag columns

Freelance Accounts Price Increase

Starting from June 1, we will be raising the cost of our freelance pricing plans. The price for ruble and US dollar plans will increase by 20-25% on average.

You still have the time to extend your subscription at the old prices until the end of May. To do this, contact our sales managers, log in to your account, or write us at sales@cerebrohq.com.