Adobe Substance Painter in Tentaculo, Mirada, Referral Program


Adobe Substance Painter

Added Tentaculo to Adobe Substance Painter. Now you can take tasks to work and upload materials to Cerebro without leaving your work environment.


For integration with the Git system, we added a Get updates download button, which downloads all the latest revisions. No automatic download is now performed.

Added the ability to connect Tentaculo to only the software you need, not all supported software at once.

Read more about Tentaculo

Mirada: playback libraries, alpha channel

Updated Mirada’s root video playback libraries to support new decoders.

Playing a ZIP file sequence

Mirada can now play sequences from ZIP file archives. Drawings and comments can also be added to such sequences.

The archive directory structure can be random, but all files must be sequence frames.
All sequence frames must be stored in the same directory in the archive.

Alpha Channel

Added the ability to view the alpha channel separately along with the color channels.

Discord, Telegram

Added the ability to mention a user from Cerebro in chats, provided that the user from the chat is associated with Cerebro.

Referral program

Referral program is now supported from your personal Cerebro payment cabinet.

Go to the «Referral program» tab, get the link and send it to your friend interested in using Cerebro.

After registering using this link, your friend will get a month of free use in the amount of his first purchase. And you will get a 15% discount on any purchase in the cabinet (licenses, freelance packages, storage space or all at once).

You can read more about the affiliate program here.

PyQt. Reminder for developers

This release is the last one before moving to Qt6. For all developers who write or use Python plugins for Cerebro, we strongly recommend to make sure that the imports of PyQt modules used are brought to view:

     from qtpy.QtGui import *
except ImportError:
      from PyQt5.QtGui import *

qtpy is a proxy module we added to decouple from a particular version of PyQt.