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New Special Offers

2013/01/24 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “New Special Offers”

Startup Pack

If your company is less than two years since its foundation, we offer a special price rate for the first six months of Cerebro use.

For $ 500, we are ready to provide for 6 months:
– Cerebro Studio 15 licenses,
– Mirada Pro – Cerebro plug-in 2 licenses.

That price includes, software installation, employees training and technical support during this period.
The only additional requirement is that the company, as well as any of its beneficiaries (founders), must not be an active Cinesoft clients, and currently must not have any commercial Cerebro licenses. As well, the company did not participated in this program before.


Clasroom Pack


The Pack is specially designed for schools and colleges that train professionals for the Media and Entertainment industry.

For just only $ 990, we provide 20 Cerebro licenses for 12 months with an option of renewal on the same terms.

That price includes software installation, school personnel training and technical support during that period.
We grant the software to schools for a non-commercial use only – for the educational, organizational and methodological purposes.

If your school requires more licenses – contact us and we’ll work something out for you. Somehing even more “special”  than this ))).


In order to apply for one of these special packages, follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Send  us an enquiry to and we will send you back the required documents package.
  2. Then fill-in these documents and sign them up, also please attach the scan copies of statement from a  register of legal entities (or as similar document) and send back to us.
  3. Pay the invoice and appoint the best time for you for the system installation and employees training.

All the questions that might arise you can ask by phone.: +7 (495) 9800376 and e-mail:

Cerebro’s new pricing Policy

2012/05/03 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Cerebro’s new pricing Policy”

Before there were an entirely pleasant news. Present news, probably are less pleasant. But they are not deadly.

Starting from June 01, 2012 new tariff plans will be applied:

  • Home – 9 usd per user per month,
  • Studio – 29 usd per user per month,
  • Factory – 59 usd per user per month,
  • Corporation – 89 usd per user per month.

20 % discount for a year subscription, – certainly will remain!

Detailed conditions and services will be published close to first of June.

Apparently from the  list above, our tariffs not only received new names, but also became simpler, more clear, “linear”, without everyone’s “but” and “if”. And also they have been raised in comparison with the current ones, just a little.

The reason why we raised our prices, because we had to take into account inflation and after all the previous tariff revision was 2 years ago. Basically, all this time we have avoided praising raise, but the current market conditions forced us to do it, after all. We hope, you will understand us.

However, to our current corporate clients we apply the moratorium on our new tariffs:

  • For tariffs Studio – 3 month (till 01.09.2012),
  • For Business and Corporate tariffs – 6 months (till 01.12.2012).

This moratorium is active during the dates shown above, on the purchase of new accounts or in order to extend the current accounts, thus the license time of acquired accounts does not matter: you can use old prices and buy those licenses in an advance, for lets say 10 years, if it seems to the justifiable.

The same moratorium is active to our potential customers that are close to become ones; if you will be able to sign a contract and start testing before the May 31, then the contract will use old tariffs.

Such policy change will not affect our program «Road to the young», this offer will continue to be on the present terms.

A general conclusion:

  • Most of our current clients will not see any changes this year.
  • For those who would like to become our clients, again they will not see any changes too, but they would have to make it till 31st of May 2012.