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Media Management
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But I can add more systems for VFX project management / Asset managemt:


  • Compbase appears to be a database to track shots and assets. There is no real information on the site, only a PNG showing some of the forms.
  • Shotgun is a system installed at a few big studios.
  • Flowsmith is installed in at least one facility in San Francisco I know of. Sadly, their site has no information on it.

Digital Content Management systems These facilitate content management within a facility. They do a good job of cataloging assets, letting you search and preview assets, versioning files, and tracking metadata.

Workflow Management Tools These tools help organize the workflow, tracking the dependencies between source materials and work products, allowing versioning, and tracking approvals.

Softwares for Media & Entertainment Summary

We can divide the project management industry (for entertainment) in 4 main sectors: 1- Assets management Definition: Assets management is a tool to help studios manage their content, files & physical assets. 2- Project management: Definition: Project management mainly looks over time schedules & time tracking. 3- Client management: Definition: Client management looks over client demands and changes. 4- Social Networking: Definition: Create networks and publish artists and company work & reels.
May be you know more ?

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