London Road Show February 21-23


Yes, we knew once it would happen.

The time has come – we’re going to London!

On February 21-23 we’re planning to visit a number of VFX and animation facilities in London, Bristol with live demonstrations and presentations.

What’s on the menu this time?

  • Cerebro, for sure. We’d like to show it to the UK VFX crowd and their feedback will be really precious for further product development.
  • Mirada. We realize that not all of you, guys, may need the whole Cerebro bundle because the mature VFX facilities you work for must have been developed or adopted some kind of project tracker. OK, let’s pump it up with Mirada then! We’re launching it as a standalone product line right after the show.
  • Cargador. Don’t you think that good ol’ FTP is getting a bit… obsolete? Yes, we assume that the English would rather call it “established” or “traditional” but still… Would you mind not to get your files corrupted on transmission or accessed by those whom they don’t concern ever again? Take Cargador and make those issues a history!

Want to take part in the show?

Check in by e-mailing to Konstantin Kharitonov ( and we’ll drop into your place, too!

Cheers and… hope to see you soon!

View presentation Cerebro uk Road Show or download it

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