March 5-28 EuroTrip


Here it comes! A whole European Road-show. During the whole month of March we are going to visit some of our most important local-reseller partners in the European Union, and with their help we will be able to find the right words with the local customers. The whole month is packed with meetings in the great European places for Postproduction and VFX. Starting from the beginning of March 6-10th in Paris, then 11-15th the Benelux countries (particularly Brussels, Luxembourg and Amsterdam cities) and for the whole two weeks from 18 to 28th of March we will enjoy Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Munich. In every place we will stay no more than 4 days, during which we will show our Cerebro, personally to all the guys who are eager to learn more about our product, so to say. Their feedback will be important for us and for our future product development, also it will give us a great product promotion opportunity.

And by the way, if you are interested in Cerebro, our European Road trip is a great chance to see the product and have a free presentation by the product developers in your office. If you are located somewhere around our planned route, please send to Konstantin Kharitonov (, an enquiry and we will drop-in to your place too!