Careers section on our website


I know a guy… who knows a guy …

We are often approached with requests either to help find people for a project , or, vice versa, to suggest a project “to fit in”. This is quite obvious for us: though we are not headhunters, we sell software for project management, and thus deal with dozens of supervisors and producers daily. And the latter are often either looking for people and hand out work, or, conversely, are looking for work and “hand out” people. We want to help everyone and have already implemented several methods to do this:

  • Have invented and are supporting the Meeting Point section at CGEvent Moscow,
  • Created the CG Russia group on Facebook,

and long before had moderated the jobs on Though renderman almost faded away under circumstances beyond our control, the need for people to seek and distribute the work seems to have remained.

So today we present a new idea: we are opening the “Careers” section on our website. And do not be surprised that there are no jobs of our own.

This section is for you and your news ! It’s up 24/7, and it mails to 10,000+ subscribers from all over the world. Advertise your jobs and project launches here and your messages will quickly reach out throughout our community.

Well, if your news is not about the job, but you still want to tell the world about it, send texts and pictures to, we will publish it on our blog with the “news from partners” tag.