2019.09.10 — New Release: Multi-highlighting in Task Tracking and Scissors

Multi-highlighting in Task tracking

You can now highlight several tasks in tracking for some group operations, such as setting the status, assigning a user, etc. Several tasks are selected using the Shift and Ctrl keys. Diagonal selection is also possible.


Scissors make it possible to cut a desired part of the screen and attach it to the message.

You can immediately open it in Mirada to make some edits.

Bug fixes

— Incorrect sorting of posts from Forum

— Incorrect creation of tasks based on a template when using Save and Create New button

— It wasn’t possible to copy properties from the previous task when using Save and Create New button

— The list of statuses was not updated when changing the type of activity in Create Task window

— In task tracking with automatic level selection, tasks with subtasks were not displayed correctly

— Incorrect display of pages when displaying the same tasks in different tabs

— Multi-task creation did not function when inserting text with quotes

— Comments from Mirada were not saved for files that were just attached to messages

— Incorrect message copying

— It was not possible to move Name column in Navigator

— Usernames were not included when exporting user statistics to Excel

— Notifications did not function properly if the time zone was different from GMT+3