2020.03.04 — New Release: Playing video files for comparison, Сonnection to all your servers and more


Mirada has significantly improved performance when playing video files.

Now you can play videos of any resolution without hanging or any artifacts.

Added the hardware acceleration feature. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, enable this checkbox…

… and the video will be decoded using the video card (if the main processor is busy with other important operations).

Playing two video files for comparison

The increase in performance allowed us to enable the ability to play two video files in side-by-side mode.

Dynamically compare versions of your dailies.

Many companies but only one Cerebro

Implemented the ability to connect to any number of companies, regardless of their location.

Previously, Cerebro offered you a choice of a server to connect to — now you will connect simultaneously to all your servers.

Tasks, messages, files — everything will be displayed in a single space. To filter data down to only one company, there is a global filter: Main menu –> Companies

Note: If you have accounts on different servers, you just need to set up the same account everywhere — email and password. This will save you from logging in again and again.

You can do this through the profile settings: Main menu –> Cerebro –> My Profile…

Project Templates

Added the ability to create empty projects by templates for different areas of activity (VFX, Animation, Design, Construction).

If you have just started getting acquainted with Cerebro, start the First Step Wizard: Main menu –> Tools –> Helpers.

It will allow you to quickly create a project — empty or with demo materials, this will help bring your colleagues into your Universe.

Interface scaling

Is everything too small, or the opposite, too large?

Adjust the size of the interface and font elements in a couple of clicks.

Task Tracking: Displaying multiple tasks at one stage

If you have several tasks for one type of activity, their status will now be displayed in the stage cell.

Http-links within Cerebro

Any http-links to tasks published in the forum will now open immediately inside the application, without first opening the browser.

Supports the insertion of http-links to tasks into the address bar of the application.


For those who extend the capabilities of Cerebro with our client API.

For developer plug-ins (which are currently being developed), a field has been added — Universe. This is necessary in order to determine the connection server when sending requests from the plugin. By default, the first universe from the list will be substituted. If you have only one company, then you do not need to do anything. If you are a member of several companies, you need to open the “Developer Plugins” window and update the settings of the plug-ins to the appropriate universes.

For plugins that have already been added to the universe (through the Administrator window), no further action is necessary.


We’ve added the “Integration” page where you can find out about Cerebro integration with graphic software products, mail services, calendar and other software.


Now Cerebro has a branded mascot in the form of a neuron. The new character represents an employee who is confused by project management and wants a successful completion of projects, and Cerebro helps him with this. In the near future, a mascot will appear on the site, in branded materials, social networks and appear in new looks.