2021.02.26 — Cerebro Release: New Desktop Tab, Web & Tentaculo Updates

My Space

The new My Space tab has replaced Task Tracking as a more flexible tool for creating pages with selections of tasks for projects and the like.

For each group of Cerebro users (workers or managers), pages can be created in My Space with task selections focused on their specifics. This will allow the user to open the pages they need with all the necessary information in order to make decisions faster and act quickly.

In the new tab, task selections can be made by any criteria — properties of tasks, messages, attachments.

The My Space tab functionality is similar to the Search; we plan to abandon the latter in the future. Space has a more modern graphical interface, and we have added new criteria. For example, searching for overdue tasks or tasks that have overrun the scheduled hours. It is possible to add multiple values for one criterion, and much more.

Cerebro Account Page

In the Settings section, you can add Subscribers (by email address) — people responsible for paying for licenses. Subscribers will receive letters about licenses, invoices and deeds, even if they do not have a Cerebro account.

We’ve added a graphical representation of your licenses. From now you can either buy new licenses or extended old ones — choose any number and timeline you need.


We’ve updated the plugin that integrates into your working software. We’ve added new processors and variables.