2021.06.25 — New Release! Web Version, My Space, Tentaculo: Important Updates

Web Version: the speed of loading tasks has been increased

The rendering of tables, task cards, and chat has been optimized. This has significantly increased the loading speed, even when loading a large number of items.

My Space: search for tasks without any status and by likes

Now there is an option to search for tasks by selected statuses, considering tasks that have no status.

If you use likes in Cerebro, in Space you can search for tasks by message likes and dislikes.

Tentaculo: reference download

A global search function with activation by the Enter key has been added to the task browser.

Working with References

A new option to download reference files using Tentaculo tools has been added to the processors for opening a file and adding references.

To use the option of downloading reference files when opening a file, they have to be added to a variable:

New processors for handling references when opening a file have been added (available only for Autodesk Maya at the moment):

The processor is called when the application checks whether the reference file is available on the disk.

Configuration Settings

The option to use reverse numbering in the configuration settings for task path variables has been added:

Bug fixes

— Mirada MacOs: Cracking sound playback; Screen recording with no cursor
— Mirada: Opening of video files with non-standard pixel encoding
— My Space: Adding columns with new tags; Restoring the location of additional columns
— Creating a message for multiple tasks
— Emergency shutdown when sending an interim report from the list of active tasks