2021.08.13 — My Space Updates

My Space

Not just tasks: we added the ability to find and track messages and files.

We added the ability to sort data by multiple properties. The resulting data groups can be visually differentiated using highlights and headers.

When displaying tasks, you can now display the properties of the parent task and individual path elements. For example, if you are tracking a list of scenes, you can display any properties of the parent sequence to which they belong.

The composite status of all tasks is displayed fully now, just as in the Navigator. Also, the list of available properties was supplemented with the familiar ‘mod’ column, which displays task status.

Bug fixes

— Mirada Por Parte: Fixed an issue that, when it occurred, made it impossible to interact with pop-ups.
— Mirada: Replies to comments are now also marked unread for the addressee.
— My Space: Improved manipulation of the list of pages and several shortcomings fixed.