Numeric tags, Planning update, Mirada, and Tentaculo

Calculated task tag values

For numeric tags, it is now possible to specify the calculation type of values when multiple tasks are selected.

When selecting a calculation type (e.g. ‘sum’) while selecting multiple tasks, the values of the tags will be summed up, and the resulting value will be displayed in the properties.

Additionally, it is possible to describe an expression containing mathematical formulas and text for advanced display.

$VALUE is used as a variable for the value. If mathematical operations are required, place them in curly braces {}. There can be multiple operations.

The example field is located below the ‘Value display’ field, which shows the result of the entered expression when calculated.

For instance, if the tag contains the number of animation frames, and you want the value to be displayed both in frames and seconds.

In the ‘Value display’ field, you can describe the following expression:

$VALUE frs { $VALUE / 30 } secs

If the tag value is 120, the task property will display:

120 frs 4 secs

Planning Tool Update

In ‘Plan’, the ability to create presets from users, projects, and activity types that need to be planned at the moment has been added.

The ability to plan unassigned tasks for users has been added.

The list of unassigned tasks displays all terminal tasks that have not yet been assigned to any executor, depending on the selected projects and activity types.

To assign a task, drag it to the planning area in the user row. With simple dragging, the task start will be set at the time when you release the task (or tasks). If you drag tasks while holding down the ctrl (cmd) key, the task start will remain as originally planned.


The ability to save the active frame with annotations as a PNG file has been added.

The ability to open recent files has been added. If something went wrong while saving a review, you can always open Mirada and restore the review you made.


You can choose the application color palette for Tentaculo now.

The interface for creating a report has been slightly modified.

The search function with asterisks (*) has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

— Settings for resource visibility
— Automatic network plugin connection upon network return
— Fixed crash when creating a task after re-login (when logged out from login)