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Cerebro and Wacom announce Witty Critics contest!

2010/04/27 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Cerebro and Wacom announce Witty Critics contest!”

You’ve always felt a great critic inside you, struggling to break free, but were afraid to admit it? Do you have a burning sense of the beautiful? Have an artistic talent and a mind that scintillates with wit?

Cinesoft and  Wacom will help you unleash your talents and reward the most inventive! Download the Wacom video and start creating your original audiovisual review in the Cerebro project management complex. You can draw on top of the image, tape a voice comment or type a text message. The amount of reviews per video is not limited! All you need to do is download the free demo version of Cerebro and the Wacom video.

The winner of the contest will be able to enjoy free signup for Cerebro for 6 months and will be creating visual comments using the Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet.

With the new Bamboo Pen&Touch, Wacom is introducing the first tablet combining multi-touch functionality and pen tablet technology in a single device. The result: a totally new, simple and inspiring way to work with computers.

A simple tap of the finger will select an icon or open a menu. With two fingers you can easily flip through a presentation or scroll and zoom through a blog, websites or photos.

Enjoy its sleek, stylish black design – and discover the wide variety of useful Bamboo Mini software applications inside Bamboo Dock. The new Bamboo Pen&Touch meets the requirements of any operating system. But it will exceed your expectations by far.

To participate in the contest please see our Witty Critic instruction HERE!

The contest will be held until May 30th! None talented and witty shall pass unnoticed!

Good luck!

Bamboo Pen & Touch_pack+tablet+pen1

Winners of the “Become a Cerebro fan” contest!

2010/03/30 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Winners of the “Become a Cerebro fan” contest!”

Congratulations to:

  • Andrey Savchenko from the Ukraine
  • Maxim Moiseev from Russia
  • And mysterious mr. V Du from the United States 🙂

The winners of the contest have been presented signup for 6 months to Cerebro!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Keep up with the news,  new contests and prizes yet to come!

The “Become a Cerebro fan” contest has begun!

2010/03/22 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “The “Become a Cerebro fan” contest has begun!”

Cinesoft announces the “Join the Cerebro Fan Club” contest!

Free signup for 6 months for the popular project management complex Cerebro is only two steps away! All you need to do is:

– join the Cerebro fan page on here;

– register in the demo version of Cerebro here;

– fill in contest participant form here and and specify the name of your Cerebro Universe.

Three lucky winners will be chosen randomly on . Participants will be able to check the results on the website!

The contest will be held until March 29th! You still have plenty of time!
Good luck!

Cinesoft is planning on conducting a lot of other contests and promo-actions in the nearest future, so keep up with the news!