Siggraph Asia 2009. Impressions.

Actually, we weren’t quite expecting this. Siggraph Asia 2009 really gathered a lot of visitors: 6500 people from 50 countries in 3 days. Notwithstanding the huge language barrier (as the main languages in cosmopolitan Tokyo are Japanese and the language of signs which we spoke fluently by the time we left) Cerebro aroused the interest of the public. After long explanations of what exactly our project management solution is and what you do with it, the strongest impression was left by playback of recorded comments, mouse cursor movement, timeline shifting and, of course, drawing on the image. The online reviewing option also, for some strange reason, caused citizens of the hi-tech capital of the Land of the Rising Sun to cry out in astonishment. Not kidding 🙂 Viva visualization! To sum up, judging by the amount of business cards and downloaded demos participating was a really good idea.
Now, preparing for the next Siggraph Asia that will be held in Seoul in 2010, we need to buy in some phrase books and offer more Cerebro options. And off we go!

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