Cerebro update


User Profile Edit
Administrators are enabled to edit user profiles. If a user belongs to one and the only universe Administrator can edit any profile field, including user e-mail and password.
Users are enabled to edit their logins.

A Deleted Account Restoration
It has been made possible to restore a deleted user account by his/her e-mail address.

Pop-up Tooltips

Columns in task lists (Navigator, Interesting Tasks list) have pop-up tooltips now, e.g., pointing to one of the Planned costs/Actual costs/Balance columns causes a pop-up tooltip with detailed info on all 3 parameters.






Columns with tags now have headlines. These headlines are preserved while being exported to Excel.

User Statistics
A click on a task on the User Stats page makes Navigator switch to the same task.
Statistics re-calculates after pressing Calculate Statistics button.

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