New Cerebro version

User Avatars

User avatars can be added to a user profile here:
Main menu -> Cerebro Astro -> Profile…

Universe administrators can attach avatars to material resources on Resources tab in Administrator window.
Main menu -> Tools -> Administrator…

Now every message in a forum can be identified by its creator’s avatar.
You may change Avatar size in Main menu -> Cerebro Astro -> Preferences.

Getting Started Wizard

This wizard helps create and set up a new project structure.

The wizard consists of several steps to create Users, Groups, Projects and set up permissions & access rights
It’s not obligatory to make all those steps, the wizard can either be closed at any moment or skip several steps and switch to, for example, creation of a new project.
The wizard shows automatically at the 1st time Cerebro starts up. After having been closed it can be launched again manually either in the Main menu -> Tools -> Wizards