Mirada Pro: Stereoscopic 3D Support + 3 New Features

CineSoft Ltd. launches a new version of the most popular Cerebro plugin – Mirada player.

A new version of Mirada, named Mirada Pro offers four advanced features:

  • Stereoscopic 3D support,
  • Online reviewing sessions,
  • Color grading,
  • Reviews saved as standalone files in a user defined folder.

1. Stereoscopic 3D Support

Cerebro professional users get a unique tool for watching images and videos in stereoscopic 3D format and what is more noticeable – this tool allows to draw stereoscopic comments as well, i.e., they are parallax adjustable!

Mirada Pro supports 5 stereoscopic modes:

–  OpenGL Quad Buffering Mode based on NVIDIA 3DVision Pro hardware technology.


This mode requires an  NVIDIA Quadro series graphic controller as well as shutter eyeglasses and an emitter (NVIDIA 3DVision Kit).

Anaglyph Mode. You’ll need special eyeglasses with red and cyan color filters.


Alongside with the described above modes Mirada Pro offers a special mode for preview theaters (review rooms) – Dual Screen Output. This mode allows to project two separate videostreams via paired projectors and filter the streams by polarized eyeglasses. A dual video output graphic controller is required to run this mode.

If a user’s graphic controller doesn’t support any of the above modes Mirada Pro offers two monoscopic modes – Source and One Side Only. The first one displays the picture “as is”, the second one displays a half of it, either “left eye” or “right eye” depending on user’s choice.

2. Online Reviewing Sessions

Mirada Pro offers a special tool named Online Reviewing Session. This tool allows several remoted users to establish an Internet connection, share the session link and watch simultaneously not only the content played back by Mirada Pro but each other’s actions as well (mouse cursor movements, timeline shifts, picture zoom and pan).

This mode is based on more progressive technologies than trendy screen sharing, and they makes it possible to share and review high quality images or videofiles on pretty slow Internet connections.

3. Color grading

Tools -> Color Grading menu adjusts Gamma and Exposure and switches on/off Linear to Logarithmic mode:


OpenGL library makes it possible for Mirada Pro to use Color Grading even with RAW formats (or other formats with more than 8 bits per color channel).

4. Reviews Saved as Standalone Files

This option lets a user save a review as a separate file to a defined folder if for some reason he (she) doesn’t want to publish it immediately in a Cerebro forum thread.

More information

How Do I Get Mirada Pro?

Starting with build 5794 by June 17, 2011 Mirada Pro is included in standard Cerebro installation packages for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Pro functions unlock after a special product key activation. Mirada Pro is available for all Cerebro pricing plans, including Free Demo.

A product key can be purchased by either of two possible ways:

1) Via Cerebro Web Interface (Main Menu -> Account -> Buy Mirada Pro);

2) Contacting CineSoft directly.

Product keys can be issued for 1, 3, 6, 12 months of validity or for an unlimited time.

Please note that Mirada Pro product keys are “node-locked”, i.e., bound to a particular workstation – this policy is opposite to Cerebro traditional “floating licenses”. We must take into account that unlike Cerebro, Mirada Pro is a highly specialized toolkit required by a comparatively small part of a whole facility. So, this licensing approach seems to be more economically effective in terms of company’s software assets and investments. Besides, Pro functions have rather specific hardware requirements and therefore it doesn’t make much sense in installing Mirada Pro on every PC in the house.