Cerebro New Features

Access Rights Management Upgraded

Access rights can be global (granted to the whole Universe) or local, task-specific.

To adjust task-specific access rights pick the task (or project), go to  btn_access Task Properties tab and press the button .


A new window will open:


The upper list displays current groups and users who have access to the task. There you can change Role and Access Rights Inheritance Pattern. A Role is a combination of separate access rights which allows a user certain type of activities in the project structure. Access Rights Inheritance Pattern defines the scope of Role application. The patterns can be the following:

1. To the current task and all lower levels (sublevels)

2. To the current level only

3. To the sublevels only

The access rights highlighted with bold type are not inherited from upper levels (parent objects) and therefore can be changed. Inherited access rights cannot be altered. If you need to alter inherited access rights you must uncheck Inherit Access Rights from Parent Objects checkbox first. All current inherited rights will be changed to direct and ten set to zero. After that you can edit/delete these access rights in the particular task.

You can customize access rights for a picked group/user in the upper list by checking / unchecking the appropriate checkboxes in the lower list.

To add a group / user to the upper list press Add a Group/User button.

A dialog window will appear where you’ll be able to select Groups/Users to add to the list.


Pressing Role button calls a window with list of roles and their specific access rights settings.

Here you can see and edit current role settings and create new roles.

Global access rights are set up in Administrator window (Main menu/Tools/Administrator) on Universe tab


Global access rights are being set up the same way as described above except one restriction: they can be set up for groups only (not for separate users).

Access rights management is one of the most sophisticated matters in Cerebro therefore we strongly recommend you to read the latest User Manual on this matter before making any changes. ССЫЛКА

The latest access rights management system is not guaranteed to be compatible with the previous one. An issue noticed: if you edit access rights in the latest version of Cerebro, they can be displayed incorrectly in previous versions.

Bugs Fixed

Large files export to Cargador error (all platforms) – fixed

More information here.