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New Cerebro Protocol: Galeria

The option to work with your file structure through Cerebro — in your office and remotely. Now Cerebro has its own file storage called Cargador. It allows you to upload and download files through Cerebro wherever you are.

You can always find the necessary files in Cerebro, sort them according to different criteria, etc. However, Cargador repository is designed so that access to files will be available only inside Cerebro and not directly through file systems, therefore options to configure the directory structure and file versions in it are limited.

The new file storage system will have more flexible capabilities for configuring the file storage structure and linking the file structure to the task structure. During the initial stage, Galeria will allow you to work with your project file structure through Cerebro. Files posted through Cerebro will be sent to your file structure based on configured rules. Also, an internal (simple) file versioning system and the option to customize your file versioning will be supported. In later stages, we will add a web interface to file structure, file tagging, and quick search within the structure.

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