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Cinesoft and iPi Soft partnership

2010/09/06 Posted by Cerebro 2 thoughts on “Cinesoft and iPi Soft partnership”

iPiSoft_logoMainCinesoft and iPi Soft are pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement.

iPi Soft company released iPi Markerless Desktop Motion Capture system that is used for automated 3D animation production.

Optical-based technology is used for recognition of human movements, and special costumes or markers are not required. The actor can wear casual clothes like jeans and T-shirt. Algorithms work well with real-life backgrounds, that’s why one doesn’t need dedicated mocap studio and can make motion capture in regular office. The system set-up and calibration from scratch may take only 30 minutes.

The system uses regular equipment: PC with gaming-class GPU, and 4 USB cameras that cost only 30 USD for one camera. Captured animations can be edited by integrated animation clean-up tools and exported to BVH, Collada or SMD formats. It can be further imported into most popular 3D packages including 3D Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, iClone etc.

The cost of software is as less as $995, and you can get 10% discount till Oct 31st. To get it you need just put coupone code IPI-MOCAP-CINE-27-1031 into “Your coupone code” field of order form. Before you make buying decision please work with free 30-days trial version, downloadable from here.

All above means that iPi Desktop Motion Capture can really be used as animator’s desktop mocap, and be an alternative (or addition) to not only much more expensive motion capture systems but also a traditional, “manual” keyframing animation production tools.

More information is available at –
For more information contact –

Video Demo

15 NEW Video Tutorials

2010/08/27 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “15 NEW Video Tutorials”

15 NEW Video Tutorials, with english and russian subtitles.
We are waiting for yours comments 🙂

For Worker’s:

For Admin’s:

For Manager’s:

For Client’s:



New VrayScatter Demo

2008/12/30 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “New VrayScatter Demo”
This video was made by our friends from the Russian Avantgarde, they used their own 3ds Max plug-in VrayScatter and for render farm management used Duma.

Low (27mb) | Medium (77mb) | High (112mb)

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CG Event Winter 2008

2008/12/04 Posted by Cerebro 4 thoughts on “CG Event Winter 2008”

It was cool ! See you next year !

Feed back stuff, many photos and Russian speech:

More on

(Click for enlarge)


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Autodesk Acquire Softimage

2008/10/30 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Autodesk Acquire Softimage”

1.A New Era – from

The news that Softimage will be acquired by Autodesk marks the end of an era. The past 20 years, developing software alongside Softimage has been a dynamic time, full of innovation and healthy competition. Starting with character animation in 1988, Softimage has advanced the industry in many areas. I would personally like to thank my contemporaries for their past contributions to the CG community.

Since this news was first announced, discussion on the forums has been lively and has evoked a wide range of emotions. In some of the posts, the role of Houdini and Side Effects is being discussed and I wanted to address some of the speculation about who we are and where we are going.

2. Cool clip, Autodesk internal discussion about Softimage 🙂

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Mythbusters w/ Nvidia

2008/10/09 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Mythbusters w/ Nvidia”

Original Nvidia PR !  Of course in Cerebro (eye) we use GPU too 🙂

P.S: Page w/ slow-mo on Nvidia site 🙂