New CEREBRO: Some options and bugs fix


You may select the UI language Cerebro directly at login screen.

You may choose avatar display option to show them (the menu Cerebro Astro – Settings – Display Settings):

  • – on the left, center or right of the message header
  • – or disable altogether.

There is a new export Review option appear in MiradaPro (menu Review / Export Track to MOV). You may save Review track with voice comments in separate QuicktTme MOV file. The feature available on Windows and MacOS platforms. (Windows: Unknown problem was detected when export file targeted to Desktop)

Corrections to the server component:

module Sirena was updated. File deletion error was fixed.

Bug Fix in Cerebro:

The First Steps Wizard assigns default file storage for a new project immediately. This will eliminate “Site list is empty” error message.

Bug Fix in Mirada:

Saving of long (more than 3 minutes) reviews was fixed. They are correctly stored and shipped in Cerebro now.

More information here.