PDF Support, extra video codecs and more

For everyone New Cerebro Cerebro Serpens Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Operation operating systems. For Factory users: Database structure updated For Studio users: Cargador component updated Server Components Installation Guide Download Cerebro client Download server components Mirada Now we support a wide range of video compression codecs. We can quickly add new codecs by your request. We’ve also added an ability to comment over PDF files and to work with the high-resolution images. miradapdf2 The ability to work with high-resolution images. Cerebro We’ve added a new function, which allows to save all the files from the messages or forum in the selected folder. save_all, save_as We’ve also added a new list in the projects and users statistics to help you filter it easier. perion_preset Gantt chart name_and_allocated We’ve optimized user assignment feature to the multiple tasks. Now you can assign the user to any number of tasks without “the request has been rejected” issue.