New Cerebro Update – Two-Way Communication by email

We gladly present a new Cerebro Serpens version.

Its major difference from the previous versions is a possibility of two-way communication in the Forum between Cerebro users and the people who do not have full accounts in Cerebro (for more understanding we will call them “Email users”). See below how it works, and also about other innovations inside this new version.

A New Type of Users: Email User

In fact, a Cerebro email user is just an email address registered in the system to which copies of messages from the Forum are sent. Files attached to the Forum messages are not transferred as files, but they are sent as download links. The letter, usually, looks like this:


In this screenshot you see that this letter comes from Cerebro  to the  user’s email , and the answer to this letter is automatically published back in Cerebro, in the corresponding thread of the Forum, together with its attachments  (if those were added to the answer):


Email users’ accounts are free of charge but their amount is limited, it is equal to the amount of the “standard” user accounts in your universe. See the “Universe” tab of the “Administrator” panel to get the amounts of used/unused accounts of both types.

Check out the official whitepaper to know more about this feature.

Inline editing

Editing the task properties, previously possible in a special “Task properties” tab only, now is accessible in all table interfaces displaying such properties: in the Navigator, in Statistics, in the «ToDo» and «Followed Tasks» lists.

Inline editing, from the user point of view, is similar to data editing in spread sheets:


It is possible to edit all the tags and task properties, including lists of allocated performers and “followers”.

Other New Features

  • Expanding a task tree in the Navigator by a single click.
  • A new option – forced file upload by Cargador (available if Cargador service is running on a file server, not on a workstation).
  • Repeated creation of tasks with identic properties. Two new buttons – «Save and Close» and «Save and New Task» are replacing the “Save” button.
  • Binding serial tasks into a Gantt chart sequence. Check the «Link the next task to this task» checkbox to use this option.
  • A status bar appears in the main interface. It displays the amount of tasks/items selected/unread, alongside with some filter indicators.
  • Instant tag setting for a range of selected tasks.
  • Tweaking default amount of planned work time for newly created tasks (in the project properties).
  • New features of the “User Statistics” interface:
    • Unlimited depth of detailing.
    • Any column can be exported to Excel.
    • Progress percentage, time and budget amounts are summed up on higher levels by the selected users.
  • Much faster performance due to optimized database queries.
  • New search criteria introduced:
    • By task status: «Task is Event», «Task is paused», «Task closed».
    • By names of deleted users.
  • Password reset disable option.
  • Definition can be copied from one task to another and pasted to an empty Forum thread.
  • Default task start time selection: new tasks start either in the moment they are created or at the same time when the project was created. You can select the proper option in the “Projects” tab of the “Administrator” panel.
  • Login window displays the current build number.

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