2019.11.05 — Cerebro Support Upgrade

A New Support Page on the Website

The main page at https://cerebrohq.com/en/support/ now features support in all languages (see the Resources/Support section).

There, you can browse documentation, view training materials, or pick the most convenient way to contact our technical support specialists should you encounter any questions or hurdles while using the software.

Transition to Intercom

We have transitioned to Intercom, a new system for responding to questions and receiving user feedback. The benefits include an attractive design, a streamlined user interface, and high-speed messaging.

Expanded FAQ

We have collected frequently asked questions about using Cerebro in the Cerebro FAQ area at https://docs.cerebrohq.com/en/collections/1963620

Built-in Chat for Cerebro Desktop

Now you can reach support without leaving Cerebro. Simply press the blue button in the lower left-hand corner to start chatting with a support professional.

Our support team will quickly respond to any questions about using Cerebro. We are available 24/7.