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Original starup software for measure programmers’ work


Indicators by Programeter

  • Know-How Score. Illustrates breadth of the programmer’s knowledge in the project.
  • Unique Know-How. Measures knowledge of the programmer that is NOT shared with other team members.
  • Fresh Know-How. Measures programmer’s knowledge that was refreshed during the reporting period.
  • New Know-How. Measures knowledge of the programmer that was introduced during the reporting period.
  • Contribution Size. Illustrates the amount of code produced by the programmer.
  • Activity. Indication of the programmer’s activity during 1 month.
  • Team Friendliness. Illustrates how much the programmer is oriented towards working together with other team members.
  • Complexity. It is McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity of the average non commenting code statement produced by the programmer.
  • Density of Comments. Ratio of comments to the total source code produced by the programmer.
P.S: By the way company located in Estonia (former USSR republic), like Skype when it was the startup 🙂

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