Custom user properties, task thumbnails, Tentaculo: filters and 3DEqualizer, web: new file viewer

Custom user properties

You can now add additional user properties.

What can be a user property:

  • text
  • whole numbers and fractional numbers
  • date

You can add and fill out properties in the Administrator window on the Users tab.

Each property can have flexible access settings — from visible to all users of the company to hidden from everyone (except for administrators with proper rights).

Users can fill out properties available to everyone in their profile on their own.

Tasks have their own thumbnails

Now you can set a specific image for a task, which will not change while working on the task.

Thumbnail can be installed at any level of the project tree.

You can do this either in the properties by adding a picture,

or from the shortcut file menu — set a fixed thumbnail for the file uploaded to the task (pictures or videos).

Other updates

Find a template

In the New task from template window, we added a button leading to the original task of an existing template.

Go to task

You can now double-click the task properties panel to go to tasks, links and references.



We have added a file filter in Tentaculo.

If needed, any file type from the task can be displayed in the directory.


We have added Tentaculo to 3DEqualizer. Version 5+ is supported.

More about Tentaculo

New web viewer

The web version has updated the image and video viewer.

Zoom and pan functions are now available. Our next step to update is the option to leave comments (Wow!)