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Cinesoft and iPi Soft partnership

2010/09/06 Posted by Cerebro 2 thoughts on “Cinesoft and iPi Soft partnership”

iPiSoft_logoMainCinesoft and iPi Soft are pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement.

iPi Soft company released iPi Markerless Desktop Motion Capture system that is used for automated 3D animation production.

Optical-based technology is used for recognition of human movements, and special costumes or markers are not required. The actor can wear casual clothes like jeans and T-shirt. Algorithms work well with real-life backgrounds, that’s why one doesn’t need dedicated mocap studio and can make motion capture in regular office. The system set-up and calibration from scratch may take only 30 minutes.

The system uses regular equipment: PC with gaming-class GPU, and 4 USB cameras that cost only 30 USD for one camera. Captured animations can be edited by integrated animation clean-up tools and exported to BVH, Collada or SMD formats. It can be further imported into most popular 3D packages including 3D Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, iClone etc.

The cost of software is as less as $995, and you can get 10% discount till Oct 31st. To get it you need just put coupone code IPI-MOCAP-CINE-27-1031 into “Your coupone code” field of order form. Before you make buying decision please work with free 30-days trial version, downloadable from here.

All above means that iPi Desktop Motion Capture can really be used as animator’s desktop mocap, and be an alternative (or addition) to not only much more expensive motion capture systems but also a traditional, “manual” keyframing animation production tools.

More information is available at –
For more information contact –

Video Demo

Integrating Cerebro and Mikogo Web Conference

2010/05/13 Posted by Cerebro 1 thought on “Integrating Cerebro and Mikogo Web Conference”

Cinesoft and BeamYourScreen are proud to announce the integration of the Cerebro project management complex with Mikogo – the easy-to-use and cross-platform remote desktop tool ideal for web conferencing and remote support.


The Mikogo software has been implemented within both the Cerebro Mac OS X and Windows distribution kits. We have created a new “Web conference” menu within the Cerebro interface that allows users to launch Mikogo quickly and easily. All you need to do is  register your Mikogo account and click on “Start Mikogo web conference”. Registration is necessary only when you wish start a screen sharing session. Participants, on the other hand, are not required to register a Mikogo account and can rather sit back, relax, and enjoy the easy-to-use Cerebro Mikogo web conference. Player for saved sessions available under Windows OS.

More information on our forum.



Mac Screen Sharing

Mac Screen Sharing


Cerebro and Wacom announce Witty Critics contest!

2010/04/27 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Cerebro and Wacom announce Witty Critics contest!”

You’ve always felt a great critic inside you, struggling to break free, but were afraid to admit it? Do you have a burning sense of the beautiful? Have an artistic talent and a mind that scintillates with wit?

Cinesoft and  Wacom will help you unleash your talents and reward the most inventive! Download the Wacom video and start creating your original audiovisual review in the Cerebro project management complex. You can draw on top of the image, tape a voice comment or type a text message. The amount of reviews per video is not limited! All you need to do is download the free demo version of Cerebro and the Wacom video.

The winner of the contest will be able to enjoy free signup for Cerebro for 6 months and will be creating visual comments using the Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet.

With the new Bamboo Pen&Touch, Wacom is introducing the first tablet combining multi-touch functionality and pen tablet technology in a single device. The result: a totally new, simple and inspiring way to work with computers.

A simple tap of the finger will select an icon or open a menu. With two fingers you can easily flip through a presentation or scroll and zoom through a blog, websites or photos.

Enjoy its sleek, stylish black design – and discover the wide variety of useful Bamboo Mini software applications inside Bamboo Dock. The new Bamboo Pen&Touch meets the requirements of any operating system. But it will exceed your expectations by far.

To participate in the contest please see our Witty Critic instruction HERE!

The contest will be held until May 30th! None talented and witty shall pass unnoticed!

Good luck!

Bamboo Pen & Touch_pack+tablet+pen1

Cerebro and Wacom: creative reviewing with a feather-like touch

2010/03/30 Posted by Cerebro 0 thoughts on “Cerebro and Wacom: creative reviewing with a feather-like touch”

Cinesoft, developer of Cerebro media project management complex and Wacom CIS, the representative (on the territory of Russia and CIS) of the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface solutions have entered into a strategic partnership.

A first step towards mutually beneficial cooperation was the integration of Wacom pen tablets with the Cerebro media project management system to the joy of clients that appreciate convenience and comfort. The integration of these two products will give users new opportunities to realize their creative potential, plus will drastically increase the level of comfort of work with a computer.

Bamboo in use

Support of Wacom pen tablets broadens the range of creative reviewing options and enables Cerebro users to adjust brush size depending on pressure level; switch to “eraser” option (turns on when pen is turned upside down); use new panning instrument (by default in Mirada (installed media player) main menu.

It is important to note that the new reviewing options are relevant not only for employees responsible for digital content creation, but for managers and decision makers, as the process of reviewing has been greatly simplified by the use of ergonomic pens. All they need to do is draw their comments on a video/image just like on a piece of paper, which is a lot easier than using a digital mouse to do the same thing or to explain the required adjustments by words.

Constantly updating and upgrading Cerebro, Cinesoft strives to create a program complex that is convenient and user-friendly for a maximum of clients.

The company constantly broadens its scope of partner programs and plans on launching a web and iPhone version of Cerebro in the nearest future.

About Wacom

Wacom – is a world leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface solutions. For over 20 years Wacom has been manufacturing and distributing innovational technologies , hardware and software solutions for professionals in the spheres of graphic design, photography, animation, 2D and 3D modeling, architectural design and also for personal use. Currently Wacom has a broad marketing and distribution network in over 150 countries around the world.

For more information please go to