Cerebro is a collaborative working environment designed to handle complex visual materials. It is specifically developed for CGI and animation studios, advertising agencies, TV companies, and architect firms.


A powerful project management system featuring a unique toolset for collaboration on visual content

Work anywhere

Whether at home, at the office, or onboard an airplane — as long as you’re online, you can work on your projects! Cerebro offers dedicated servers around the world, desktop and mobile applications, interface in all major languages, and even a built-in translator, enabling you to get the job done from any place on the planet.

Manage complex projects

Cerebro is a perfect choice for any company working with visual materials. Take advantage of unlimited task nesting depth; create new projects from scratch or using one of a multitude of templates; use tags to categorize any project elements.

Plan and schedule

Set deadlines, assign tasks to team members and track real-time project progress. Visualize task dependencies using Gantt charts, manage your staff through team and individual calendars, and access financials of your project in a single click.


Take advantage of Cerebro’s communication tools to streamline end-to-end development, from asset creation to customer feedback. Some of its further features are personal task lists, task distribution across teams and individuals, internal messaging, and even visual annotations for any working materials.

Store and share data

Whether you have a million tiny source files or a dozen files a terabyte each, with Cerebro you won’t have to worry about data transfer or storage. With dedicated servers around the globe, a synchronization system and built-in file exchange module, your team can collaborate as though they were working in the same office, even from halfway across the world.

Keep track

There’s no need to study Excel reports to get an overview of your project: all metrics are available in real time, whether you use our standard KPIs or create your own custom indicators. Any criteria can be taken into account to assess the progress of the project as a whole or by user. And if you do need those Excel reports, just export any statistics to a file.


  • The implementation was no problem. I think the entire launching process took less than a week. Training takes an average of a couple of hours. This is what made it appealing in the first place. At the moment, for example, Cerebro is very actively used by our product department, where media content as such is virtually nonexistent.

    • Alex Duk
    • «PIK Group»
  • We use the Cerebro management system in ScreamSchool for uploading and watching the media-files that are made during our course. Our teachers have the opportunity to prepare them in advance, and our students are able to log on to our server, play through all the necessary materials, upload their own work and immediately let their teacher know that everything is ready. This is a maximum of interactivity. To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere. Because, usually, we run into recorded materials and videoconferences. Even on SIGGRAPH and other exhibitions decisions were made during video-conferences, but not due to such a two-way interactive process. Emphasizing the opportunity of remote education and keeping interactive is our know-how in a sense.

    • Sergey Tsiptsin
    • General Director
  • We’ve been using Cerebro for six months now and have made the life of our producers and artist a lot easier. Moreover, we’ve “tied” them to system administration. The audio-comment and draw-on-content options are very handy when working with videos, on the other hand, as Cerebro is a multi-functional program, we also use it for a wide range of purposes, say programming or system administration. Having worked with the program for six months I can say that, mostly, I have a really positive impression of Cerebro. Of course, there is still room for more user-options, but the main thing is that the platform itself is well extendible and can be adapted to almost any project or studio. Cerebro Inc is ready for close collaboration in terms of widening the functional capability of the program.

    • Evgeny Barulin
    • “Ulitka” post production studio
  • It’s rather difficult to overestimate the role of Cerebro in the working process of our studio.The time that supervisors used to spend working with employees has drastically decreased, whereas the effectiveness of their communication has grown, we’re making a lot less corrections in the computer graphics than usual, general work efficiency has also grown, and so has our image in the eyes of clients. We use Cerebro not only on CG projects, but also when, say, purchasing equipment or even organizing a corporate event. The day of each of our employees starts with loading Cerebro, as it is the quickest and most effective way to find out what’s going on in the studio. Cerebro stands out amongst other program products as is an irreplaceable helper of any small or large studio. That is if the company is aware of it’s own finances and the money of clients, wants effective project management, real-time interaction with clients and a strong position on the CG market.

    • Andrey Kubishin
    • Technical Director
  • Cinemateka has been using Cerebro from the very first day it appeared.With its help we finished a great deal of projects, including both adverts and feature films. Work in our company is now tightly connected with Cerebro as it allows you to receive all necessary project information such as material availability, comments from clients, financial data, deadlines, etc. at any moment. Moreover, Cerebro is very handy when working with outsource employees as allows us to send them files any time, and vice versa. I would also like to note the convenience of the review tool that allows you to comment not only still frames but also video files. Such a system drastically reduces misunderstandings in turn speeding up the production process.

    • Ilya Shutov
    • VFX Supervisor
  • …Personally, I never close Cerebro at all. One of out past sales directors taught us to never shut down the computer – so we never close our e-mail clients and never shut down computers. To this mantra I’ve added ‘never close Cerebro’. If I need to do something, I just switch over to its window and do it. We do everything in Cerebro – assign tasks to employees, pass files over to the client, discuss details with them, use it as an IM, and so on. Some clients even refuse to discuss anything unless it’s by phone or in Cerebro. And since you can’t always spend half an hour talking on the phone, it’s easier to just message them with what we’ve done and how. We send them mockups, JPG and PSD files, documents — everything.

    • Yulia Kozhevnikova
    • Advance Digital

Workflow Integration

Cerebro is integration-ready out-of-the-box, without a single line of code. Our proprietary plugins enable you to work on any task directly from your production software package.

Any additional features you may need can be easily added using Cerebro’s client and server APIs.

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