Cerebro, Inc. is a software developing company with its main focus on business management software for Media & Entertainment markets. Rooted in Postproduction and Visual Effects industry, the team has been developing its primary product — Cerebro — an ERP/PM software with an M&E-specific toolkit.

The history of Cerebro started in 2007, when Konstantin Kharitonov and his university classmate Vladimir Barzionov, altogether with Artem Verbitsky and Dmitry Samoilov, worked at the R&D Department at Cinemateka (now Mangа Company), the leading postproduction facility in Russia of the past decade.

The Department’s primary objective was the development of various software tools for automation and optimization of CGI production processes, and the Cerebro Project, launched in the spring of 2007, became the most ambitious challenge for the team, as it aimed at something really big — to create from scratch a multi-functional software platform for the production team, a handy toolkit for project tracking, communication and file storage.

A year after, in 2008, the first version of Cerebro was released and tested in real production. R&D team decided to keep working on Cerebro on their own and thus quit Cinemateka and bought out the exclusive property rights for Cerebro. The team established a new company of their own. It was in Moscow, Russia in June 2009.

Today the company is incorporated in 2 countries — the USA and Russia, with more than 150 client companies around the globe that start and finish their every working day with Cerebro.

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