Visual Effects

For VFX studios, computer graphics, post-production and motion design

Create truly breathtaking projects!

Cerebro enables convenient commenting, sharing and secure storage of large files. Use the unique Cerebro tools to work with complex visual materials!

Unite your colleagues into a single creative team

Cerebro takes into account the nuances of your work – ensure secure communication between the teams, freelancers and customers and work on even the most challenging projects

Comment in one click

Don’t waste your time on meetings – leverage Cerebro to add your audio and visual annotations to any 2K/4K video, sequences and standalone images and speed up the process of receiving feedback.

Erase the boundaries

True collaboration! Cerebro will help you set up communication between employees, freelancers, and clients through special user rights and groups.

Be confident it’s secure

Choose one of the Cerebro installation options and use your own encryption certificates. Securely store your data and make your own Cerebro with our customization options.

Trust Cerebro with your most important tasks

Bring the craziest ideas to life with Cerebro’s extensive features. Gain new energy to unleash your imagination and enjoy making creative projects.

High productivity

High productivity

Try Mirada, the visual annotation system. Record audio messages and draw your comments visual materials of any format or size. Mark the required edits and send them to your colleagues!

Integration with applications

Integration with applications

You no longer need to worry about the source materials. Work directly from Adobe, Autodesk or your preferred software – our plugins will automatically carry over your tasks and activities in Cerebro. Configure your pipeline and asset validation with the Python SDK.

Mobile application

Mobile application

A smartphone is all you need to efficiently work in Cerebro. Create and delegate tasks, report on progress and attach files any images and files.

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Market leaders choose Cerebro

“We use Cerebro and all existing communications and management tools installed in different countries. We have a well-organized process and Cerebro certainly helps us a lot. Since we’re starting the next film as soon as we finish the previous one, it’s very important that we maintain the deliverables made five, six or seven years ago.”

Maria Zaykovskaya
Russian Film Group

“The movie division works amazingly well in Cerebro. Recently, they have slightly changed their internal structure in terms of security. Cerebro is functioning in a new way and everyone is happy. It would be a nightmare to track a several months long project at different stages, just impossible, but everything is much more convenient with Cerebro.”

Elena Degtyareva

“We used Cerebro to manage work, otherwise we would fail to structure this volume of information – rushes and files going back and forth.”

Julia Huene

Try Cerebro and make sure that


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