New Interface for Task properties, Plugin System Update, Python 3.7.7

New Interface for Task properties

— We have updated the interface and functionality of the task properties panels.
— Use the settings panel to create a convenient look and select the properties you need.
— Task properties panels now also have a possibility to show task references.
— Now, when multiple tasks are selected, the properties section displays more information, which allows more flexibility in the editing of task groups.
— We have also updated our forum to make it match the new style.

For plugin developers

Built-in Python has been updated to version 3.7.7.

In this respect, we have slightly redesigned the plugin loading system. Many procedures have been simplified. Installing and updating plugins no longer require relaunching the app. Installed plugins are available immediately after loading — Cerebro only sends a notification about it.

Console for the developer mode has been updated. Console inside the app is used only for Windows. For Linux and MacOS operating systems, all you have to do is launch the app from the terminal (of the state console).

Now it displays your prints as well as errors and traces from Python modules.

Just in case, we have added the option to input data into the console (input, sys.stdin)

In the development mode, when changing the code of a connected plugin, all you have to do is reload the modules for changes to come into effect.