Checklists, Hashtag Cloud, Personal Notes, Fusion Studio, JS Processors


A new feature — Checklist — was added to tasks. It can contain any number of items and can be copied between tasks.

Checklist items can be displayed as columns in My Space and used in the task selection criteria in Search and My Space. You can use checklists to coordinate a task and define the milestones for completing a task.

Or however you want 😉

Personal Notes

Now you can add comments to tasks. They are visible only to the author.

Leave comments on a task as reminders (this will help you not to forget anything) or for personal selection of tasks. Personal notes can be displayed as columns and sampled in My Space and Search.

Hashtag Cloud

Now you can manage the hashtag cloud in both the desktop and web versions.

In the cloud, you can rename, merge, and delete hashtags. Changes will apply to hashtags already assigned to tasks, messages, and attachments.

Subscribers in Web Version

We’ve added the ability to display and assign subscribers to tasks.


Fusion Studio

Tentaculo now supports Blackmagic Fusion Studio.

JavaScript processors (Adobe)

We’ve added support for JavaScript processors for supported Adobe products. Processors are added similarly to Python processors — via a configuration file.

JS code is executed inside node.js, so it’s possible to connect built-in modules such as path, fs, net.

We’ve added auxiliary constants and functions to the execution context:

— __PROCESSOR_PATH__ constant contains the full path to the current processor file. To get the path with no file name, use dirname method from path module.

— callFunc — is a function to call the host application code:
function callFunc(method: string, …args: any): Promise<any>

To execute arbitrary code inside the host application, use
csInterface.evalScript method
function evalScript(script: string, callback: (result: string) => void)

— loadScriptFile — is a function to refer a JSX file to the host application:
function loadScriptFile(scriptPath: string): Promise<bool>

csInterface — is an object to work with the host application.