Affiliate Program

Many companies, including us, have switched to new work tools over the past year. We have personally made the transition three times and wrote an article about it.

We got three major clients back and had seven new companies switch to our software. We want to keep helping businesses to move to our system and migrate their processes. To this end, we have put together our first referral program, which we want to offer you.

Recommend Cerebro to your friends and earn bonuses:

— New users get a free month on any pricing plan
— You get a 15% discount on future license purchases

The discount cannot be combined with other discounts. You can use the discount to purchase licenses, freelance packages and storage.

How to take advantage of the referral program:

Step 1. Share this link →

The new user needs to choose ‘Referral program’ in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ column. Tell your friend the name of your Cerebro Universe.

Step 2. Wait for the user to register and pay

The new user signs up for a trial version, tries the program, and makes the first purchase.

Step 3. Get bonuses

After that, our managers will contact you to activate your discounts, and your friend will use the program for a month for free.

–15% for the new clients

If you are not our client yet and want to switch to Cerebro from other commercial software, you will get 15% off any number of licenses when you pay for the first time.

Here are several reasons why you should start using Cerebro right now:

— Cerebro is a project management system boasting a unique video and voice commenting tool (Mirada)
We help our clients to install the software, migrate data, and configure integrations
— We offer onboarding services and train managers and employees to use the system
We provide support throughout the entire use of the product
We have been helping businesses manage their projects since 2009 and are constantly improving our product

If you or your friends are unfamiliar with Cerebro, we recommend watching a video review by JCenterS.

To get a discount, write ‘I want a discount when switching to Cerebro’ and email us at, or reply by pressing the button below.