Wiki, Yandex Disk & Google Drive


We present for your attention a new tool in Cerebro — Wiki allows you to maintain a knowledge base in a convenient format.

Sections and articles are presented in a tree format. You can add images and videos to your articles.

The Wiki section is available in the web version. To open it on a desktop computer, click on the corresponding button on the app’s main panel.

If you already have a project in Cerebro that has a knowledge base, you can convert it into a wiki. Rename the project into ‘wiki’ and it will appear in the corresponding section. The project itself will not be hidden from the general list yet — you will be able to configure access rights and create a knowledge base from diverse projects.

For more information about Wiki, check out this documentation.

User Tags

New tags have been added — user (one) and users (one or more).

Tags allow you to add additional properties to tasks, their value can be a user or multiple users. For example, you can add a person responsible for a task or a group for discussion.

Inherited tags

All types of tags in Cerebro can be switched into inheritable. When inheritance is enabled, the tag value attributed to the task will be used on all subtasks, i.e. they will have the same values.

You can change the inherited value of subtasks.

Read more about tags in this documentation.


We’ve added integration with Yandex Disk and Google Drive.

To connect drives you need:

  1. Set up the configuration for the selected Tentaculo protocol — “yadisk” or “gdrive”
  2. Get a token in your Yandex Drive or Google Drive personal account
  3. Connect the token using the Tentaculo graphical interface

For more information about integration, read the following documentation.