Special offers for special clients

Startup Pack

If your company is less than two years since its foundation, we offer a special price rate for the first six months of Cerebro use.
For $ 500, we are ready to provide for 6 months Cerebro Studio 15 licenses.
That price includes, software installation, employees training and technical support during this period.
The only additional requirement is that the company, as well as any of its beneficiaries (founders), must not be an active Cerebro clients, and currently must not have any commercial Cerebro licenses. As well, the company did not participated in this program before.

Large Company

Special options for Big Companies
For ex. Onsite training and tuning, Pipeline integration and Volume discounts (50+ seats) and etc.
Let’s talk!

In order to apply for one of these special packages, follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Send us an enquiry to info@cerebrohq.com and we will send you back the required documents package.
  2. Then fill-in these documents and sign them up, also please attach the scan copies of statement from a register of legal entities (or as similar document) and send back to us.
  3. Pay the invoice and appoint the best time for you for the system installation and employees training.

All the questions that might arise you can ask by phone.:+7 (499) 1103482  and e-mail: info@cerebrohq.com

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