Special Offers

Freelance accounts

Freelance accounts are accounts for temporary executants in Cerebro. Payment is charged only for an active day of use. The day is considered active if the user of the freelance account has created or viewed new messages, changed statuses or properties, for the last 24 hours. Number of users is unlimited.

Convenient, profitable and safe

You can use freelance accounts for occasional executants. Payment takes place only after actual use of the account and the user will have access only to the necessary information.


By using Cerebro, you do not need to keep track of several communication channels simultaneously. You do not need to copy messages and files into multiple systems. Supervisors and managers can delegate tasks, hand over source files, as well as receive and comment on the outcome, without concern for the ways to transfer information.

Correspondence about tasks, changing of statuses, comments in Mirada and files will be in Cerebro. Nothing gets lost and the task will be inside your project structure.


Create freelance accounts whenever you want and in any quantity. These accounts will be charged only after usage.

You are paying only for the active use. A freelancer can access Cerebro for free to view earlier written tasks and comments and to download files.

The number of created messages in one day is not limited. By sharing the complete correspondence about your tasks, the payment is fixed for one active day.


You can set flexible access permissions for users of a freelance account. They will see and have access only to those tasks on which you have appointed them as allocated users. There will be no access for them to the other tasks or data of your projects till you set it up.

The list of other users of your Universe can be invisible on a Freelance account. You can allow visibility for all users or particular groups if desired.

Special offers for special customers


If your company is new and recently founded, we offer a special price rate for the first six months of use. The price includes software installation, training of employees, as well as technical support during this period.

Two more requirements are that the company, as well as any of its beneficiaries (founders), must not be an active Cerebro customer with any active commercial Cerebro licences, and the company must be participating in this program for the first time.


We offer special terms to educational institutions for media industry specialists, whether state-run or private. You can renew the licenses on the same terms. Special price includes software installation, as well as tech support and training for system administrators within the specified period.

The use of software has to be solely non-commercial, for training and education. Please contact us and we will make you a customized offer.


Special options for Big Companies. Onsite training and tuning, Pipeline integration and Volume discounts (50+ seats) and much more. Let’s talk!


Free licences for software developers. Send us your GitHub link or a description of your project and we will grant you up to 2 free one-year licences.

In order to apply for one of these special packages, follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Send us an enquiry to sales@cerebrohq.com and we will send you a special offer with the required documents package back.
  2. Then fill in these documents and sign them up, also please attach the scan copies of a statement from a register of legal entities (or the similar document) and send them back to us.
  3. Pay the invoice and appoint the best time for you for the system installation and employees training.

All the questions that might arise you can ask by phone: +7 (499) 1103482 and e-mail: sales@cerebrohq.com