Update – Mac OS X 64 Bit, ICal

64 bit Version for Mac OS X Image
– This version will work under Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.x, and under Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.x
– Stable work under Mac Os Snow Leopard 10.6.x
– Productivity increase by 2 times for interface “re-drawing” (when shifting from Carbon to Cocoa)
To change from the 32 bit version to the 64 bit version you will need to download it from our website and install it!
http://http://cerebrohq.com/en/download/ (choose Mac OS X 64 menu item)
If you don’t do this, the automatic updating system will continue to download the 32 bit version.
– Note: the Mirada module for the 64 bit Cerebro distribution kit is still 32 bit (because of QuickTime Api restrictions)

Export into network calendar ICal
– You can view the following drop-down menu in Assigned tasks


– When choosing a menu item a http link for your assigned tasks calendar will be copied into your clipboard
– You will be able to download your calendar from Cerebro (it will be automatically updated) into Google calendar, ICal, Outlook! For e.g. in the Google calendar, please choose Add/ Add URL menu item and insert the copied link.

We’ve started work on implementation of non material resource planning
– This can be “cutting rooms”, cameras, etc.
– CreatingTools/Administatorhttp://cerebrohq.com. Resources
– Assigning resources in Task Properties


Mас OS X – Gantt chart also available!


Creating new tasks by drag and dropping files into navigator function restored.
In the Navigator menu, choose a spot in the project and drag and drop 10 files there, and you will be able to create a task with 10 files or 10 tasks with one of the files , the task name will be created out of the names of each of the files.


In the next version:
– The Gantt chart will take into account Saturdays and Sundays and work hours. You will be able to enable/disable these functions. :)
– An additional calendar mode for resource planning!
– Time/resource overlap identification