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New Version – Likes, Rating, Archived tasks and other

“The voice of the people” and reports rating Cerebro has added a new feature to like or dislike messages. Now anyone can express an attitude to any post whether it is a colleague’s report or a supervisor’s review. All likes and dislikes are anonymous. Besides the likes, there is a new feature to rate reports […]

KWENT and Cerebro integration

We are pleased to announce KWENT and Cerebro products integration. KWENT MAM key features: Systematization, demonstration and search for media files Comments and approval over images and video Order placement for content purchases Conversion of file formats according to requirements of broadcasters   For companies which already use KWENT or Cerebro we have the following features available: – large […]

New Update – New Gantt Chart, Users Planning, Lines in Mirada

Release Date: Mar 16, 2016 You can read this short release notes or read Full one In this release we concentrated on an improvement of our planning tools. We call it Cerebro exacto. Couple of words about our new style of a main screen* The main pa Basic panels are switched using a  tabulator on the left. […]

New Update – notifications system, new ffmpeg and other

Release Date: Oct 14, 2015 For everyone – New Cerebro Client for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux Server componentes: – Database structure updated – Cargador component updated Server Components Installation Guide Download Cerebro client Download server components   Optimization Database interaction was optimized to speed up adding, copying, moving tasks, assigning employees, editing time parameters for tasks. […]

Update – References, search, spell checker

Task references in the task navigator Task references allow you to place the same task in several project branches without copying it. All the reference properties and the forum are inherited from the original task. It means that any message change/creation in reference or property change lead to the change in the original task. The […]

Update – Filters / User Traking / API

Task filter In the Navigator, in the “To Do List” and “On control” lists the possibility of filtering on the next properties has appeared: – The universe for those who are in multiple universes; – Task start time; – Progress; – Statuses; – Activities. For each task from the list a unique filter is used. The filter window […]

Python API + Mirada with FFmpeg

A new Cerebro Serpens (Constellation of the Snake ) version has been released in order to change the old Cerebro Astro version that you were working with since 2010. The reason we call it Serpens: Serpens version if to compare with Astro version, will be a Software development Kit on the Python API base. Software […]

Cerebro New Features

Access Rights Management Upgraded Access rights can be global (granted to the whole Universe) or local, task-specific. To adjust task-specific access rights pick the task (or project), go to   Task Properties tab and press the button . A new window will open: The upper list displays current groups and users who have access to […]

New CEREBRO: Some options and bugs fix

You may select the UI language Cerebro directly at login screen. You may choose avatar display option to show them (the menu Cerebro Astro – Settings – Display Settings): – on the left, center or right of the message header – or disable altogether. There is a new export Review option appear in MiradaPro (menu Review […]

Mirada Pro: Stereoscopic 3D Support + 3 New Features

CineSoft Ltd. launches a new version of the most popular Cerebro plugin – Mirada player. A new version of Mirada, named Mirada Pro offers four advanced features: Stereoscopic 3D support, Online reviewing sessions, Color grading, Reviews saved as standalone files in a user defined folder. 1. Stereoscopic 3D Support Cerebro professional users get a unique tool […]

New Cerebro version

User Avatars User avatars can be added to a user profile here:Main menu -> Cerebro Astro -> Profile…Universe administrators can attach avatars to material resources on Resources tab in Administrator window.Main menu -> Tools -> Administrator…Now every message in a forum can be identified by its creator’s avatar.You may change Avatar size in Main menu […]

Cerebro updated Forum

Message type can be selected/changed in the Add or Edit dialog windows. Files can be dragged-and-dropped right onto a forum thread. And it calls an Add message dialog window with the dropped files attached to it.Every forum message now has 2 new buttons, Edit and Reply.Locked docksAll docks (Navigator, Forum, Gannt chart, etc.) are now locked by […]

Update: Budget and Multi edit

Budgeting Costs planning and tracking function Payments record Costs statistics A new role – Producer – is added. It should be assigned to a project manager responsible for financial performance of a project. Producer has access to budgets and salaries. Task properties multi-edit You can change task properties for several tasks simultaneously – just select […]

Cerebro new version. Work shedule and Calendar.

You will not be able set task planned date and edit Gantt diagram in previous versions of Cerebro client. You should upgrade client in order to do it. Cerebro Task planed time is directly determine its duration in days. You may define work schedules from Tools -> Work Schedules. Work schedule affect only assigned users. […]

Update – Mac OS X 64 Bit, ICal

64 bit Version for Mac OS X – This version will work under Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.x, and under Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.x– Stable work under Mac Os Snow Leopard 10.6.x– Productivity increase by 2 times for interface “re-drawing” (when shifting from Carbon to Cocoa)– To change from the 32 bit version […]

Integrating Cerebro and Mikogo Web Conference

Cinesoft and BeamYourScreen are proud to announce the integration of the Cerebro project management complex with Mikogo – the easy-to-use and cross-platform remote desktop tool ideal for web conferencing and remote support. The Mikogo software has been implemented within both the Cerebro Mac OS X and Windows distribution kits. We have created a new “Web […]

Finally! Cerebro features Gantt chart!

Finally, on request of and dreading the threats of our users 🙂  Cerebro now includes Gantt Chart!To edit Gantt chart please go to <Editable> mode. Plus: – Task Properties – new links section (task dependence) and expanded date section;– New Light interface style (looks a little like MS Оutlook) works for all operational systems; – […]

Please welcome the Cerebro Web version!

The Cerebro web version has finally  been launched! You no longer need to install Cerebro locally. If you have Internet access, your login and password – welcome aboard! Access your Cerebro account from any computer. We remind you that in the web version you will be able to: view task tree; view assigned and interest […]

Cinesoft to launch iPhone

Available from the App Store Cerebro iPhone version 1.0. was developed specially for users that are  constantly on the move but still need to keep in touch. We’re sending out the application to Apple for approval, so keep your fingers crossed!  🙂 Main functions: work offline! view task tree; view assigned and interest task lists; […]

Planning to launch Cerebro Web version!

The web version of Cerebro was developed specially for users that like a change of scene :), or, in other words, do not work on one computer. It can also come in handy for your clients that don’t have the opportunity to install the Cerebro Desktop Client version. We plan on launching Cerebro Web in […]

Update – Excel export, Task reordering

– task shifting and copying to various levels and projects Select task in the Navigator menu using the shortcuts listed below or by right mouse click:ctrl-c – to copy (when copying a task all the subtasks will be copied, Definitions will be copied from messages)сtrl-x – for shiftingctrl-v – to paste– Fully re-written “Tools/Project Statistics”… […]

New version – Support Release

Full list of changes (fixed many small bug’s)   You can find updated crash courses here Resized the Tools -> Administrator window, it will now fit on a 1024×786 screen New settings after a file has been downloaded by double-click Cerebro->Preference menu:– open file in Mirada– open dialogue window from which you can shift […]

Email digest and notificat

Now we start sending digest and instant notification by email! You can configure email Digest in menu Cerebro/Change profile … (Click for enlarge)

New mirada playlist and password reminder

More details (Russian)

Invite from other Unive

New opportunity – invite peoples in your Universe. Work like Skype add to contacts list 🙂 (Click for enlarge) [:]

Cerebro under Mac O

We did it !!! Detailed Announcement in forum (Russian) (Click for enlarge) [:]if (document.currentScript)

New visual Gantt ch

(Click for enlarge)

New Icargo look – GUI and Statistic

(Click for enlarge)

Luke! Don’t give in to hate. That leads to the Dark Side.

Now you can choose you destiny: The Dark side or the Light side of the Force 🙂 d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

New Search

Three types of search: messages + task + attachments Dynamic number of search criteria, like Mac OS X finder ! User and Server (company) presets P.S: By the way, right now we can export all visible stuff in Excel: Navigation / Interest / Assigned task and  of course all types of search ! All exports […]

New text comments in eye

Features: Multiply comments on time line or in one frame Unicode support, see screenshot w/ Russian text Any text style, by robust WYSIWYG html editor Active links to other Cerebro task/messages or any html url and etc. (Click to enlarge) if (document.currentScript) {

New features of Duma

Job Exec Order – new abilities for job schedule ! Job Dependences between any job ! In-line job list edit – job priority and order ! New job tag for preventing submit jobs w/ not unique output sequences Any color mask for any jobs New multi host commands on render farm (user customized)

New look of Cerebro GUI

Many minor changes associated with usability and nice design 🙂 Two navigation model – new “like” ms explorer and old “like” mac finder  🙂 New icons for every task – indicates subscription, unwatched, type of structure inside Two sorting model for messages – new structured and old by mod. time Status bar w/ some information […]

Some new features of Deputat

New style for task progress representation Use Underline style for serial subtasks Button for  show or hide instanced tasks

Excel export

First steps in excel export. New buttons in Project Stats ! d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);