Cerebro new version. Work shedule and Calendar.


You will not be able set task planned date and edit Gantt diagram in previous versions of Cerebro client. You should upgrade client in order to do it.


Task planed time is directly determine its duration in days.
You may define work schedules from Tools -> Work Schedules.

Work schedule affect only assigned users.
Note that all schedule and user assignment start work only from particular date and till another schedule will be accepted.

Repeat another time important points to work with task planning:
– You should create work schedule;
– You should assign users on the work schedule;
– You should pay attention to schedule/assignment start dates.

Calendar delivers another approach to plan work
Calendar works in conjunction with assignment tasks panel.
You may select time interval to view in calendar. They can be day, week or two weeks.

“Task properties” changes
The way of task date/time specification has been changed.

Mirada shows on-screen painting in on-line sessions .

– Change properties for multiple task
– Work schedule exceptions: regular holidays, user vocation/ill/extra work days.

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