Remote review and appro

I think it is last reseach list 🙂 Remote review and approval tools: cineSync FrameCycler FuzeMovie (Formerly SyncVUE) Cerebro by Mirada 🙂 Alienbrain PDPlayer Concept Share (web) Cozimo (web) Octopz(web) ProofHQ [updated] (web) May be you know others ? [:]d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(

Render Management Softw

Some research again 🙂 Restrictions : multi platform software – linix/mac/win ! NOT in-house ! No matter – free or commercial, open source or proprietary and etc. List: Alfred – king of The World ! Duma – like Alfred on drugs 🙂 Qube! Deadline DrQueue (Open Source) GridEngine (Open Source) SunGrid RenderPal Smedge Rush Muster […]

Research on visual effects production databa

New from [update]Media Management Deep-FreezeSequoya WorkflowNexPosure Good research – Showrunner Missing Link Mathilda But I can add more systems for VFX project management / Asset managemt: Alienbrain The TACTIC GDI|Explorer Project Overlord Invisually 5thkind (old name Otc-productions) Bo-Le-Ro Helga – Open Source Temerity Pipeline vfxnexus Cerebro 🙂 From Compbase appears to be a […]